The world is changing and the savvy real estate agent recognizes this and adapts their business accordingly. How do you stay on “top of your game” in this fast-paced, ever-changing reality we find ourselves in? Virtually of course! Virtual reality in the real estate business is the next best thing to being there and using virtual tour technology, understanding what virtual tours are and creating virtual tour home floor plans are a great way not only to stay on top of your game but ahead of the curve.

Virtual Tour Technology

Interactive video tours, 360° virtual tour videos and virtual room tours provide potential buyers with the next best thing to a live tour of the property you are marketing. Virtual tour technology has evolved significantly with 3D virtual tour house plans evolving to the point where you can even show an aerial view of a floor plan for a home that’s not even finished yet. Perhaps obviously so, the definition of virtual tour technology is “a 360° image of a particular location. It includes a sequence of videos or still images, so people can view an entire area without having to be physically present. Some virtual tours also include sound effects such as music or a narration describing products or points of interest.” At realspace Media, we’re experts at creating 3D virtual tours for real estate agents who recognize the importance and value of providing virtual video real estate tours to potential buyers.

What are Virtual Tours?

If you want to provide the true panoramic experience of a property, still images won’t cut it. You need to create a 360° video tour that gives potential buyers both the look and feel of walking through a property, exploring every nook and cranny at their leisure. 3D virtual home tours rely on top-notch professional real estate photography to create a virtual tour from photos. Starting at the front door, feel welcomed into a property and follow the video tour, stopping at your leisure to explore a room more fully, perhaps even taking the time to envision working in the kitchen while keeping an eye on the kids in the backyard. “Open” the patio doors and “walk” out to the backyard for a closer look. Stand in the living space and notice the high ceilings, or how your furniture might fit in the bedroom. You get the idea: a virtual tour online will help potential home buyers determine whether to move from the virtual reality home tour to reality – taking that same tour in person and making an offer!

Who Are We?

realspace Media has been doing virtual reality tours for real estate professionals since 2015. We make 3D magic happen, bringing homes to life through our virtual tour technology. We describe our 3D virtual tours as “a totally immersive experience, allowing you to spend as long as you would like exploring the property or space,” and our team are true specialists at creating these cutting edge virtual real estate experiences! Our customer service is always priority level #1 and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to employing the latest and greatest in technology is another of the many ways we guarantee customer satisfaction. We’re in the business of empowering real estate agents to maximize exposure for their listings. Ask us how we can help you with your 3D virtual reality tour for your next listing – using virtual tour technology that really is “the next best thing to being there!”