Stunning aerial photography and aerial video using drones helps real estate professionals tell the whole story of a listing. If pictures are good and video is great – then also using aerial real estate photos mean “the sky’s the limit!” when it comes to sharing information about homes online. It allows the potential buyer to “place” the home within a community and understand its location relative to the Town, City or rural location they wish to live in. Just what exactly is the deal on drones and why are drone photography images so crucial to listing success? That’s what we’re talking about today in this blog about aerial photography using drones and why aerial drone photography for real estate is an innovative new way to capture your intended audience. 


Drones 101


The first drone can actually trace its roots back to around the year 1917 and relied in part, on technology first developed by Nicholas Tesla! Intended for military use – to deliver pilotless bombs into enemy territory, it was never actually put to its intended use at that time. By the 1960’s however, a spin off market of radio controlled airplanes were being sold to children and recreational hobbyists alike, while the military was (and still is) using drones in a variety of capacities. It was not until around 2006 however, that we began to see drones used in a more commercial setting. Increasingly now, as technology continue to improve, they are being used extensively for both personal and commercial use. Today, drones are used in a number of settings including what the team here at realspace specializes in, aerial drone photography for real estate.


Drones Deliver!


Sure Jeff Bezos might have wanted to use drones to deliver Amazon products but what drones really deliver on is an increase to your potential reach and market penetration when it comes to selling homes. The benefits of drones in real estate cannot be underestimated. They offer:


  • Stunning aerial video and photography of listed homes AND the surrounding community.
  • Real estate drone mapping – for clients who need to see the “bigger picture.”
  • Drone videography for real estate – nothing tells a complete story like a flyover!
  • Commercial and Residential use – drones increase sale potential for either!
  • Aerial visuals are vital for larger property sales, homes where topography is an important component of the sale (but hard to navigate on foot) and they are great for property line visualization for larger or irregular sized lots and country properties. 
  • Affordable drone photography is within reach with our fully licensed operator at realspace Media.


Drone photography is new. It’s exciting. Be amongst the first to realize the benefits of drones in real estate. If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to reach for the sky and maximize sales potential, affordable aerial real estate photos that originate from drone photography images are your best bet. Contact any member of the realspace Media team to talk about how drone photography really delivers!