If you really want to add a little pizzazz to your next new listing, show it from the top down! Aerial real estate photos provide potential buyers with the “big picture,” an opportunity to observe a house from a “bird’s eye view!” What could be better than providing aerial photography and video showing all that a house, the neighbourhood and the surrounding community has to offer. In this blog we plan to look at how aerial photography is used in real estate, how aerial photographs are taken and let you know how and where to obtain stunning aerial video and photography using drones. We’ll walk you through the whole process of how to achieve “the view from here.” Where’s here? Why, from the air of course!


How is aerial photography used?

Aerial photography in real estate is a great way to allow a potential buyer to visualize a home in relation to the other homes around it, how close the home is to parks, playgrounds and shopping and perhaps even where it sits relative to major crossroads the homeowner might be commuting on in their future. Aerial real estate photos are an absolute must when you’re marketing a listing that has a very large footprint (at least ½ an acre or more) and particularly so when the lot is irregularly shaped, a woodlot or is difficult to comfortably traverse on foot during a regular showing. In these cases, aerial photography is used to literally help provide an overview of both the home and surrounding property. The truth is, aerial photography in real estate offers a whole new perspective to potential homebuyers and in marketing a home you need every advantage. Aerial landscape photography might just provide the edge you’re looking for – the edge you need!


How aerial photographs are taken.

Drones are the way of the future and obtaining aerial real estate photos taken with the skilled hands of a licensed and experienced drone operator really will elevate your pictures to sky high levels. In fact, when it comes to great aerial real estate photos, the sky’s the limit!


If you’re looking for stunning aerial video and/or photography, using drones is the way to go. We’re able to control where and what appears in the photographs and to take video with pinpoint accuracy. The realspace Media team are experts in aerial drone photography and videography and while our skilled team delivers a product that will elevate your listing to new heights, our prices won’t! We offer a range of affordable options for the savvy realtor looking to offer potential homebuyers a whole new perspective. Consider aerial drone photography and aerial drone video for your next listing.