When it comes to being on point with your marketing campaign, absolutely nothing else comes close in terms of importance as ensuring you have a great brand presence. We’re not just talking about saturating the market with an outdated profile picture from when you were twenty years younger and maybe twenty pounds lighter – we’re talking about a brand presence that is synonymous with who you are, how you do business and all that you stand for. Think about brands you already know, many of them just by one name. When we say “Tim’s,” what comes to mind? How about Nike, or Maytag or Kleenex? Each brand needs only one word to immediately conjure up an image whether it’s of coffee, running shoes, a lonely repairman or tissues. That’s because each of these businesses have a great brand presence. You don’t say “I’m going for coffee,” you say I’m heading to Tim’s” and all your friends know what that means. So what’s the importance of having a great brand presence? We can’t say it loud enough – your brand speaks for you, about you, and about your business to your potential customers even when you’re not speaking to them directly.

In real estate, having a brand presence helps distinguish you from a very crowded marketplace. Whether you’re known by the agency you align your business with, by a logo that is recognized around your community, your country or even around the world or for your quality customer service and keen attention to detail – it’s that brand presence that sets you apart. When a potential home buyer drives past a bus shelter and has .5 seconds to recognize who you are and what you do, that’s having brand presence. When a purchaser peruses the internet looking for that perfect home and lands on your site because they recognized you from the bus shelter – that’s brand presence. While a big part of your efforts have to do with your own personal actions and interactions with customers, enlisting the help of an expert team of marketing specialists who can help with branding, logo services, exceptional real estate photography and more is also crucial.

Professional real estate photography stands out from the crowd. Google My Business puts you front and centre on the web and good pictures help keep you there. Understanding the benefits of Google business view, Google 360, web page rankings, SEO, Google tours for business, creating virtual tours for homes and more is just some of what we do at realspace Media. We help you establish a brand presence in the marketplace, one that helps build your reputation as a realtor of note. Brand presence defined is “establishing your brand in the lives of the consumer.” So, just like the “Tim’s” example, it’s about becoming synonymous with the service you provide, often to the point where people only need to hear your name to know you are IN real estate and offer great service.

According to the experts, there are five stages of brand recognition:

Brand Rejection
Brand Non-recognition
Brand Recognition
Brand Preference
Brand Loyalty*

Obviously, you want to build your brand presence around the concept of being recognized, becoming the preferred realtor of choice and to the point where loyalty ensures even past clients will be returning clients when it’s time to move again or for them to refer a friend.

Having a strong website presence, engaging in social media with your audience and advertising across all social media platforms, even sharing related content online and having an email marketing strategy are all just some of the ways you can focus on increasing your brand presence. At realspace Media, our brand is helping your brand succeed. Impeccable customer service is what separates us from the competitor and technology is what keeps us ahead of the curve! We offer an array of services related to promoting your brand and increasing your brand presence online and in real life too. Contact our team of experts to discuss how we can help. With realspace, it’s like having an entire marketing department in your back pocket!

*(1) http://www.oneworldsocialmedia.com/five-levels-of-brand-recognition/