If you’re looking to take your real estate business to the next level, real estate videography is an idea whose time has come. The Covid-19 virus has had a major impact on the real estate industry but not necessarily in a bad way. What do we mean? While initially, real estate video tours might have been a novelty, maybe a “one-off” that was done for a luxury listing, they’ve rapidly become the “new norm” in these precautionary times. In other words, real estate videography is becoming much more commonplace, it’s affordable and is having a huge impact on the real estate market. Covid-19 tried but hasn’t really slowed us down at all! Let’s talk NEXT LEVEL marketing and how real estate videography and real estate video tours are helping real estate agents maximize the market potential on all of your real estate listings.

What is Videography?

Videography is “the process or art of making video films.” Unlike cinematography, it is primarily a tool used to record a specific event, to capture a moment in time and/or to be used as a promotional tool. What better way to showcase a new home on the market than by “capturing” its moment in time and sharing it online with the world at large? No longer are real estate agents relying on potential home-buyers to drive past a property, see a sign or to scan a couple of photos in a newspaper ad hoping to spark some interest. Now you can add videography to your advertising toolbox. In addition to stellar professional real estate photography, using real estate video tours is a fantastic promotional tool that brings your client’s home to life in real time! An online walkthrough of any home compliments the work of the real estate agent by showcasing, through videography, your listing’s perfect moment in time.

Advantages of Real Estate Videos

Showcasing a home through real estate videos increases your reach and penetration in the marketplace. Making homes available to an online walkthrough means capturing new audiences. Think of the corporate transfer currently shopping for a home from a different province or even a different country. Think of the retirement couple looking to downsize and moving from one community to another several hours away. Videography is how you reach a new and different audience.
Real estate videos enable family members who can’t “be there” to be there and weigh in with their opinions. University students or aging parents can still be a part of the home purchase experience.
Shift workers, front-line Covid-19 response workers and people who travel frequently for business are able to use top of the line real estate videography to really get a “feel” for the home your marketing at ANY time – even outside of “regular” business hours.
Video real estate tours can be interactive – ask us how we can put you in the video with our professional real estate videography team.

Why Hiring a Professional Videographer is Crucial

realspace Media offers next level video, photography and marketing services to real estate professionals. With a variety of packages available to accommodate any budget, from YouTube slideshows, to agent walk through videos, virtual tours and full video productions, we guarantee professional results. Put our technology and talent to work for you and we’ll help maximize the exposure potential of all your listings. It’s like having an entire professional marketing department dedicated to your success – because we are! Real Estate Videos truly are next level marketing. Contact our team today to find out more about telling your story with real estate videography!