No doubt you’ve heard the expression, “A picture is worth a 1000 words.” This has never been truer than in the real estate business where trying to sell a house without a few pictures is like trying to paddle a canoe without paddles! You can do it, maybe, but it’s a whole lot more work and not nearly as effective! The benefits of professional real estate photography cannot be overstated because pictures really are worth a 1000 words. Images give potential clients a true sense of the home; its interior style and lighting, layout and design and what the surrounding property looks like. Professional real estate photos accentuate the positives of the home, allowing you to attract more attention to your listings on MLS and across all social media platforms. Amazing quality realty photography really is worth more than words.

How to up your game when it comes to Professional Real Estate Photos


Top Five Reasons to use a Professional Real Estate Photographer

  1. Always use a professional real estate photographer. A professional will know the best time of day to take pictures, (twilight photos are next level!) and they’ll capture a series of images that showcase each listing in the best way possible.
  2. A professional knows how best to stage a house for maximum impact on interior shots.
  3. Professional photographers for real estate will use all the right tools for the job, including: drones for overhead exterior shots, 360 degree photography, 3D real estate photography, wide-angle, HDR hi-res, aerial and landscape photography.
  4. Top residential photographers will also possess patience, experience and excellent photo editing tools, all necessary skills for elevating housing photography from “Blah to Ahhh!”
  5. Professional real estate photos are the key to making your telephone ring. Work with a professional real estate photography business and maximize your opportunity for sales success!


realspace Media – We Can Help!

Looking for an excellent real estate photographer at an affordable price? realspace Media can help. We specialize in robust marketing services for committed real estate professionals. Maximize exposure (pun intended!) for all your listings using a dedicated professional real estate photographer to showcase properties in the best possible way.

Affordable, available and awesome – let our real estate imaging professionals tell your story – because a picture really is worth more than just words and the benefits of professional real estate photography simply cannot be overstated!