If you’re interested in maximizing a home’s sales potential you need to know about HDR. What does HDR mean? What is HDR photography used for and why use HDR photography? We’ll answer all those questions and more in this quick blog on why real estate agents need to know more about HDR photography – because folks, these three letters pack a picture with punch! As you may have already surmised, HDR has to do with real estate photography and the team at realspace is ready, willing and able to show you why it’s a tool of the future we’ll help you to embrace today!

What does HDR mean?

HDR refers to High Dynamic Range imaging. If you have ever admired a nighttime, backlit photo of the Eiffel Tower or a stunning sunset image of sea and sky that seems to capture fourteen separate shades of blue, there’s a good chance HDR photography was involved. HDR photography makes beautiful better. How? By layering several photos; taken over time, capturing a scene (whether it’s the kitchen, the family room or the outdoor pool) at different exposures and then fusing those images together to create a final, fabulous picture. Typically, you’ll need at least three photos of the same image to make this technique work well. We could get all “techie” on you and talk about “tonal value,” “exposure” and “display contrast” but what matters most for real estate professionals looking to market their listings for sale is that HDR increases the luminosity of a photo. This provides greater definition in photos and more closely replicates the level of luminance as seen by the human eye. This means HDR photography is truly “the next best thing to being there!”

What is HDR photography used for?

HDR photography is used for real estate because it really allows your client’s home to shine, literally, in the best possible light. It provides tone, contrast and definition; it helps eliminate shadow, and it showcases even the most subtle differences in colour (even lighter colours and/or whites) found throughout a home. As well, HDR photography is great for highlighting both the interior and exterior of a home for sale. When used in the hands of a professional photographer like the members of our realspace team, wide-angle HDR high-res images will help take any new home listing from dull to dynamic.

Why use HDR Photography?

We like to say that HDR empowers real estate agents to maximize exposure for their listings. Beautiful homes might virtually sell themselves but if you’re looking to obtain top dollar for your client, HDR photography for real estate could be the difference maker. If the home you’re listing is not quite so beautiful, HDR photography will provide tone and texture to a house that might otherwise appear dull, lifeless and difficult to sell. There are no “tricks” of lighting with HDR but rather, HDR photography for real estate is simply a photographic technique that provides real estate agents with the best possible pictures of any home you’re placing on the market. With realspace, HDR photography includes MLS sized images too! Why use HDR photography? It just makes good business sense! Pack your pictures with punch and you’re guaranteed a “knock-out” performance on all future listings!